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Our Mission & Project

Have you ever felt out of place or alone? Have you been made to feel less important because you are 'different'? Do you want to see real change in the world? Are you passionate about your progressive political beliefs? 

Find your voice. Claim your voice at NoShame Apparel.

At NoShame Apparel we foster a community for those who are marginalized or under-represented in the mainstream. Where you can have a voice and can be heard. No matter what movement you believe in or what you are passionate about, you can make a statement. We support Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ community and Women's Rights. We believe in battling climate change, stopping gun violence, and fighting all forms of inequality. If you have ever felt criticized or have been bullied because of who you are, your appearance or your interests, then we have a place for you here. 

Many believe that young people can't make a difference in this world - they're wrong. You are the future and to make a change, you have to embody change. Believe in a better future and make your voice count. Wear your voice and wear your opinion - make a statement. 

We are more than a progressive clothing brand, we are a community that empowers and celebrates all types of individualism with no shame. Everyone in our community has a unique voice and personality, but we all share the common goal of self-expression. 

Come Join Us - NoShame Apparel Community

Wear your heart and your beliefs on your sleeve - have no shame - wear NoShame Apparel.